About Coal Harbour

An Overview of Our Community


Coal Harbour has a long, industrious history as a former major shipyard for Vancouver, now transformed into a mecca for international business, real estate, sightseeing, and more. Coal Harbour's major pulls are the view, and proximity to major landmarks such as Canada Place, Stanley Park, Olympic Torch, Gastown, and many more.

Coal Harbour starts at Canada Place, stretching all the way to the edge of Stanley Park and the famous Seawall that surrounds it. In Coal Harbour you'll find a bustling neighborhood full of restaurants, cafes, a popular marina, and aquatic life.

Things to Do

Taking in the scenery is the modus operandi of Coal Harbour. There is everything from public art installations, large parks, historical landmarks, and of course Stanley Park. If you're in the mood for food, Coal Harbour boasts some of the city's most popular eateries, or maybe you'd like to quench your thirst at one of the popular local bars.

Of course, the best way to learn about the things to do if you're staying in Coal Harbour is to check out our guides section.

Souvenirs and Shopping

If you're looking for something to bring with you on the journey home, or live in Coal Harbour and want something to send to your loved ones, you can most definitely find it at one of the many souvenir shops in the area. Not far from Canada Place you can find all of your traditional Canadian souvenirs - trinkets and food with our national symbols - maple syrup, maple leaves, moose, beavers, and plenty more!

Coal Harbour is also known for it's luxury goods in close proximity. You can find everything you could dream of, with handbags, and designer clothing in arms reach (if you can afford it)!

About CoalHarbour.org

Our goal at CoalHarbour.org is simple - help grow our beautiful community and educate the world on what we have to offer. You will always find up-to-date information, guides, and local businesses we recommend here.

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