Canada Place Sightseeing Guide

The top attractions in Vancouver are found in the heart of Coal Harbour - and iconic Canada Place might be the most well known. In Canada Place you can find many of the best Vancouver has to offer: the Vancouver Convention Centre, FlyOver Canada, amazing restaurants, and many public art installations.

Canada Place Directions

Since Canada Place is located in Coal Harbour you won't have far to go. Simply walk down to the marinaside and you'll know when you come across it from the distinct sleek white architecture, and Vancouver Convention Centre's living roof featuring more than 400,000 indigenous plant and grasses.

"Canada Place provides visitors with inspirationally Canadian experiences, from interactive and educational elements to world-class national celebrations. Canada Place opened in 1986 as the Canada Pavilion for Expo 86 and has since become a national icon and a hub of activity on Vancouver’s waterfront."

Events & General Information

Canada Place hosts some of the biggest free events in Vancouver. For 30 years Canada Place has been known to host holiday events, everything from Christmas light displays, public cinema nights, and huge Canada Day celebrations that bring in hundreds of thousands of visitors for the fireworks.

Canada Place posts an Event Calendar which can help you work any big events around your itinerary. Even when there's not an event, though, Canada Place is a great starting point to the day, as it has panoramic views of the North Shore mountains, plenty of good restaurants and activities around, and unique and compelling architecture for your photography needs.

You can also use Canada Place as a starting point to bigger adventures - free shuttles to Capilano Suspension Bridge and Grouse Mountain come every half an hour.

Public Art Installations

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The Drop public art installation

Some of the biggest and best public pieces of art are in Canada Place.

The Digital Orca, right in Jack Poole Plaza of Canada Place, is from famous Vancouver artist Douglas Coupland. It is pixelated, like it's made of large lego bricks, entirely in black and white.

Inside of the Vancouver Convention Centre you can find 3 Totem Poles, a stunning display of First Nations art. After being located various other places in the city, the poles found their permenant home inside of Vancouver Convention Centre in 1987. All three totem poles include representations of animals important to specific First Nation's clans cultures.

On the west pier of Canada Place you can find The Drop, a massive bright blue rain drop sculpture - an homage to the powerful natural forces in Canada.

The sails of Canada Place are an art piece of themselves. You can often find them illuminated at night time and make a great photo opportunity.

You can't miss it as soon as you enter Canada Place - the Olympic Cauldron was created in 2010 for the Olympic Games of Vancouver. It is lit on special occasions, as well as every Olympic Games, and if you have enough cash to spare, you too can light it for your special event such as a wedding.

FlyOver Canada

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FlyOver Canada is an exhilirating attraction inside Canada Place - hang suspended, feet dangling, before a 20ft screen and fly across the entire country from east to west. Experience the wind, mist, scents, and beauty of Canada. Fly over the mountains, valleys, maginificent prairies, streams and rivers of Canada in a 8 minute journey.


Breakfast at a Coal Harbour restaurant

There are tons of great restaurants in and around Canada Place. People are often surprised to hear that even in a tourist-heavy area like Canada Place, many renowned and innovative restaurants can be found. Many of the best you can find on our guide to Budget Eats and Fine Dining in Coal Harbour.