Coffee and Espresso in Coal Harbour

Coffee is a burgeoning industry in Vancouver, and Coal Harbour offers some of the best roasters and coffee shops in the country. Get your fix, whether it's a straight black, latte, cappuccino, or anything in between.

No matter what you drink of choice, there is one of the best in Vancouver right in Coal Harbour:

Best Drip Coffee: Koffie

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A cup of coffee

Koffie is a strong contender for one of the best coffee shops in Vancouver. A small coffee shop serving mainly locals, Koffie has great drip and pour over coffee available, as well as freshly baked pastries and food.

You can find Koffie only a couple of minutes away from Canada Place, in a little nook off of West Pender St. Be sure to try their pourover coffee, which is available only after 10am.

Best Coffee + Dessert: 49th Parallel Coffee

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A doughnut from 49th Parallel

Nothing goes better together than coffee and a doughnut, and 49th Parallel raises the bar on the classic coffee shop specialty. Serving Lucky's Doughnuts (a side project of 49th Parallel), some of the best and most unique doughnuts in the city with flavors ranging from Maple Bacon to the decadent Earl Grey Blueberry Lavender.

"Authentic, hand-crafted and genuinely delicious, Lucky’s Doughnuts are made fresh throughout the day using the highest quality natural ingredients."

Best Latte: Revolver

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Latte from Revolver Coffee

Okay, so Revolver isn't quite in Coal Harbour (it's a 10 minute walk away!), but it was worth the mention as best latte anyways. Using only the best beans and milk, Revolver manages to put forward the best lattes and espresso-based drinks in all of Vancouver.

Best High End: Thierry Chocolates

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Thierry Coffee and Dessert

If you feel like spending a little extra and enjoy a nice cup of dark coffee with some of the best desserts in Vancouver, Thierry has you covered. There's nothing more exquisite than a box of fresh macarons and an americano as you sit on the patio and enjoy.

"A lasting legend in many European pastry kitchens, his former colleague Chef Gordon Ramsay called him “one of the finest pastry chefs in the world.”"