Vancouver Seawall Directions and Information

Getting to the Vancouver's Seawall is a breeze from Coal Harbour; you're mere minutes away from the start of the Seawall where you can cycle or walk the entire length.

The Seawall is a scenic 9km trail that wraps around Stanley Park, and has some of the absolute top views in the city. Through the length of the trail you'll get a full 360 degree view of the Burrard Inlet, Downtown Vancouver, North/West Vancouver, and the adjacent mountains.

The trail takes 1.5-3 hours to walk in total depending on your fitness level, and of course how many times you stop to take pictures! It is a very easy trail to walk or bike, though, and any age and fitness level will have no problem.

Directions From Coal Harbour

Getting to the Seawall is simple, and once you are on the edge of it you have the option of stopping at one of the many bike rental shops to pick up a bike. Typical charges are around $10 per hour, and it will take you approximately 1-2 hours to cycle the entire length and back.

Of course you can always walk as well, and there are plenty of signs around the Seawall area which will give you simple directions to get you going.

Renting a Bike for the Seawall

Two men biking on the Seawall

You must bike the seawall in a counter-clockwise direction, but that is perfect for you since the start point for this is adjacent to Coal Harbour. Each bike rental store offers a slightly different start point on the Seawall, so we've compiled a list of a few so you can choose the best one suited for you:

Walking the Seawall

View of Stanley Park in Fall

Walking the Seawall is as simple as can be - simply throw on your runners and get started! The trail will take you all the way to the other end of Stanley Park, where you can either catch a bus/taxi back to Coal Harbour, or simply walk through Downtown Vancouver back.

The Seawall is a beautiful way to get some excercise, and since Vancouver has favorable climate year-round you'll almost always find that the Seawall is open for visitors. The path will take you past many landmarks and attractions as well, such as Siwash Rock.

The City of Vancover has more information.

Once you're done walking or biking the Seawall, it will be time for a meal! Be sure to check our our great Budget Eats in Coal Harbour guide for recommendations on post-workout recovery meals without breaking the bank!